Simple Tasks (2020)

by Sugar Vendil

"Simple Tasks" is a solo piano piece based on a list of easy tasks: things that I could do to maintain a sense of stability while processing immense grief and anxiety. This was written for my best friend, pianist Walter Aparicio. Video by Sugar Vendil

Danza del Desgarramiento (2002)

by Andrés Levell

from New Music by Latin American Composers

Oct 2018 - Areté Gallery and Venue - NYC

Composed in June 2002 for piano, “Danza del desgarramiento” (Ripped Apart Dance) features a strongly intense character that is dominated by furious rhythms, cutting octaves and violent chords. At the same time it is a Dionysian and beastly dance that is fed by jazz and rock influences. The composer premiered the piece in July 2002 in the Auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas.

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by Marcelo Beltrán

From the composer:

"Tormenta” is a programmatic work in a minimalist style that audibly describes a typical April thunderstorm in Quito. Due to its high altitude (approximately 9300 feet above sea level), these storms, though they can be violent, last only a short time. “Tormenta” begins with the imitation of distant thunder that is becoming ever nearer. Once rain starts to fall on the city’s rooftops the storm reaches its climax, and just as quickly, the sun shines again.

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Sonata No. 2, Op. 53

III. Ostinato Aymara by Alberto Ginastera

Ginastera Centennial Concert, June 2016 - the cell theatre

From the composer:

The third movement, Ostinato aymará, takes the form of a toccata whose fundamental rhythm comes from a dance called "karnavalito" This part is solid and impetuous and is characteristic of South American music. 

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